Monday, May 8, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

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Everyone know the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve but Disney changed the story to help appeal to their audience. The original story starts with a very rich father who has three boys and three girls, one of which was Beauty. But one day the father lost all his fortune and had to resort to a very hardworking lifestyle. The boys were fine with the change but the two sisters of Beauty hated their new life. They wanted their golds and diamonds and the lifestyle they had but Beauty was fine with the change. She didn't wish for jewelry instead she just worked hard and barely said anything. Then, the father heard that not all his riches were lost and that some reside in a forest nearby. He packs up his bag and asks his children what they want from the riches and the children asked for jewels and money but Beauty stayed quiet. The father then asked Beauty what she desired and she insisted on nothing but she said, after many questions, I would like a rose. Then the father left to get his treasure but unfortunately didn't find it. He then took shelter at a castle that seemed to have meals prepared for him and many animals to entertain him. He then got a note saying take all the jewels you want and give them to your children. While the father was leaving he noticed a rose bush and plucked roses for Beauty. Then, the Beast stops him and tells him to give him one of his daughters as payment. The father went home and told his family of the bad news. Beauty then stepped forward and agreed to take the position and her sisters were thrilled by her decision. She left and noticed that she would most likely die when she met the beast. The beast then took care of Beauty and gave her food and every dinner would ask her to marry him. She would decline the offer and in her sleep, a handsome man would visit her and ask he to marry the beast. She then asked to leave the palace for a month and come back when time is up and the beast said that if she left for longer than a month, he would die. She then left for a month and came back one day late to find the beast in the garden presumably dead. Beauty cried and then realized that she loved the beast. At that realization, the beast got back up and was so happy to find that she loved him. Next dinner the beast asked if she would marry him and this time she responded Yes. A bright light then blinded Beauty and when she looked back the beast had turned into the prince from her dreams. 

The author wrote it back when Shakespeare was in his prime and it reflects the way it's written. There is a lot of proper English and that gives off the sense of where this is taking place and it just immerses the reader into the story. She wrote this way because it was when the time period was and it left the readers with a sense of fantasy and wonder even after you finish the book.

I was surprised on how much Disney changed the story to make it appealing to kids. There is no talking pots and pans instead statues of the people after the curse fell upon them and monkeys and birds helped as well. I really liked how it explained the prince's story better in this version because we understand why he did what he did instead of having him just be mean, to begin with. He also had no paintings in his castle which I thought were a little extra in both the movies. 

The book taught me to not judge a book by its cover and to not let any gold or silver change what you think or do. The sisters succumbed to greed by their promised goods and silver that they were unhappy most of the time while Beauty didn't want those things allowing her to be happy all the time. The beast was cursed and turned a handsome young boy into a horrible prince. When Beauty realized the lovely person underneath that disgusting face and learn to love the beast she broke the curse freeing the prince and everyone else trapped in the palace, 

I love this book because it's the original story of my second favorite Disney tale that tells the story of a girl who doesn't want to follow what people are attempting to have her follow. I like how this story doesn't follow its movie and that it's an amazing of triumph from the struggle. I would suggest this book to anyone who loves the Brothers Grimm and authors like that. It's a very dark tale from the movie but has a much happier and a lot more pleasing ending compared to the movie. I love this book and would if anyone is interested but not sure, I would definitely read it. It's amazing. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Princess for Hire

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"Princess for Hire." by Lindsey Leavitt is about a girl named Desi. Desi has been bullied and just blew it with her 4-year crush, Hayden. She was looking forward to having a new start at school this year until Celeste shared a terrible picture of her. Her boss then had her make a wish on his fish tank and she wished that she could be the kind of person that makes an impact on the world. A fish from inside the tank smiled at her  before making bubbles that poped on top of the water. She was reading the Newspaper when she read an ad for a Princess. It didn't leave a phone number. Just said "Call Meredith." She then called out Meredith's name and then a bubble started to grow. It kept growing until Meredith came out. She then offered Desi a contract to have her be a Princess for hire and Desi has no idea what she's gotten herself into. She travels to exotic places full of light and joy but will always return to the always raining Sproutville.

The author wrote so we could see the world through Desi's eyes. I think that author wrote this way because we can see what she sees and she's also the main protagonist. It would be a totally different story if we saw the story through the eyes of Meredith. We can also know what Desi's thinking and she's a very in depth character which is weird because this is coming from a Disney book. 

I really liked this book because it's something different from other books I've read. It has an amazing plot with well crafted characters and all in all a good story line. It was well written and had a sense of humor. I really enjoyed this book. 

It taught me how I don't need to change to be happy and that you don't need stuff to be happy. Celeste was very materialistic and wasn't very happy but Desi was happy in the end because she didn't need stuff to make her happy. She wanted to have a lot of stuff and dress up like Celeste but she soon realizes that that was just her being jealous and she is happy now. 

This book made me laugh a lot because it's very quirky and is very witty which I enjoy. If this was made into a movie I feel like it would follow the book exactly because it's a Disney book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes funny books and/or Disney movies because it's all wrapped up into one. It's a very well written book and I really enjoy it. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Carrier of the Mark

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Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon is about Megan Rosenberg who moves to Ireland after the loss of her mother. She becomes good friends with two girls and begins to fall for the "Hunk" at school. She begins to feel tingly every time he is near her and she's trying to find out why. She begins to see strange things happening with him and his sister and she decides to find out why only to find herself in a very dangerous. Adam and Megan's power that had them attracted to one another could also be what draws them apart. "A male fire element called Aed fell in love with his cousin Bebinn, a water element. The results were dire."

The author wrote the story from the eyes of Megan and I think he did this so people could really get to know her and her feelings. The reader can understand what she's feeling, see what she sees and why she did what she did. Megan is also a very complex character that takes a lot to understand and I believe that with this first person perspective you can truly understand her.

I didn't really like Jennifer because she was always with her boyfriend and kissing him and I don't like reading that kind of stuff. But I love Caitlin and how straight forward and funny she is. You can never take her seriously with giggling a bit. She always has something witty to say. I did like how the book starts out as a normal high school book then strange things start to happen and it gets weirder with each chapter. I also like that the clues to the answer were in the first few chapters but I thought that those were just odd coincidences 

I feel like the book was about how love conquers all and that with love you can accomplish anything. There is nothing that can stop love but in order to find it, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I also feel that this book is about how magic has its ups and downs and that anything can happen. 

While reading this book I had a ton of emotions throughout this book. Some of it was anger but most of it was just confusion until the ending when everything made sense. The book had an amazing ending that answered the many questions I had during the book. It was a very good read that was filled with action and romance so if you love those books, this book is perfect for you.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dorothy Must Die

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"Dorothy Must Die" by Danielle Paige is a story about a girl named Amy Gumm. When her trailer gets taken up by a tornado she gets lost in the world of Oz but it's different, less magical. A place where Good Witches can't be trusted and Wicked Witches just might be the good guys. A place where even the Road of Yellow Brick is crumbling. What happened? Dorothy. She has teamed up with the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked to defeat the Tin Woodman, The Scarecrow, The Lion and Dorothy in all their hideous glory.

The Author wrote this story through the eyes of Amy Gumm. The reason I think that she wrote this way is because it helps you feel like you are Amy. You are also really able to see what everyone looks like thanks to her descriptions, even though some of them are pretty weird.

I love the way that she was able to make Dorothy the bad guy. She created a story that made so much sense that you think that the events could actually happen. Even the way that she was able to make the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Woodman terrifying and that just tied the whole story together.

This book taught me not to be greedy. The whole reason that Dorothy is the bad guy is because she got a taste of magic and is taking the magic away by Magic Mining, the main reason the magic is gone in Oz. Amy Gumm has to fight the urges of magic and make Oz the wonderful place it used to be.

I really loved this book and I would recommend it to anyone who loves twisted stories that are related to classic stories. This book is wonderfully written and has wonderful diverse characters that can help anyone relate to them. They also introduce some new characters and some characters from old Oz lore. This is a wonderful book and I can't wait to read the next one.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

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When Jacob's Grandfather died he ends up on a chase to find the truth. He only knows that his grandfather had an amazing collection of old photographs of peculiar children. He heads to an old island that was struck with grief and bombs during World War 2 and stumbles upon an old abandoned house that matched one of his Grandfathers many pictures. But when he stumbles upon the peculiar children from the photos will he stay there and fight evil with love or forget the thing entirely. 

Ransom Riggs wrote from the perspective of Jacob. The way he wrote the story made you feel like you were Jacob and I loved it. I think that Ransom Riggs wrote this way because it helped you see the creatures only he could see. It also made the story feel like you were living it. 

I wasn't expecting the book to be this good. I grabbed it because I wanted to read the book before the movie cam out but I didn't realize what I was getting into. This book was so good and I hoe that the movie does the same. I loved this book.

Something that this book taught me was to always be yourself no matter how peculiar you may be. I also learned that you should always do what you feel like you should do no matter what anyone else says. This book has so many lessons and all of them are some of the greatest ones I can ever live by. 

I would recommend  this book to people who love adventures and mysteries. It is a very mysterious book and it has a lot of action and adventure. This book has a romance part to it too which I loved.