Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

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When Jacob's Grandfather died he ends up on a chase to find the truth. He only knows that his grandfather had an amazing collection of old photographs of peculiar children. He heads to an old island that was struck with grief and bombs during World War 2 and stumbles upon an old abandoned house that matched one of his Grandfathers many pictures. But when he stumbles upon the peculiar children from the photos will he stay there and fight evil with love or forget the thing entirely. 

Ransom Riggs wrote from the perspective of Jacob. The way he wrote the story made you feel like you were Jacob and I loved it. I think that Ransom Riggs wrote this way because it helped you see the creatures only he could see. It also made the story feel like you were living it. 

I wasn't expecting the book to be this good. I grabbed it because I wanted to read the book before the movie cam out but I didn't realize what I was getting into. This book was so good and I hoe that the movie does the same. I loved this book.

Something that this book taught me was to always be yourself no matter how peculiar you may be. I also learned that you should always do what you feel like you should do no matter what anyone else says. This book has so many lessons and all of them are some of the greatest ones I can ever live by. 

I would recommend  this book to people who love adventures and mysteries. It is a very mysterious book and it has a lot of action and adventure. This book has a romance part to it too which I loved.