Friday, January 27, 2017

Carrier of the Mark

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Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon is about Megan Rosenberg who moves to Ireland after the loss of her mother. She becomes good friends with two girls and begins to fall for the "Hunk" at school. She begins to feel tingly every time he is near her and she's trying to find out why. She begins to see strange things happening with him and his sister and she decides to find out why only to find herself in a very dangerous. Adam and Megan's power that had them attracted to one another could also be what draws them apart. "A male fire element called Aed fell in love with his cousin Bebinn, a water element. The results were dire."

The author wrote the story from the eyes of Megan and I think he did this so people could really get to know her and her feelings. The reader can understand what she's feeling, see what she sees and why she did what she did. Megan is also a very complex character that takes a lot to understand and I believe that with this first person perspective you can truly understand her.

I didn't really like Jennifer because she was always with her boyfriend and kissing him and I don't like reading that kind of stuff. But I love Caitlin and how straight forward and funny she is. You can never take her seriously with giggling a bit. She always has something witty to say. I did like how the book starts out as a normal high school book then strange things start to happen and it gets weirder with each chapter. I also like that the clues to the answer were in the first few chapters but I thought that those were just odd coincidences 

I feel like the book was about how love conquers all and that with love you can accomplish anything. There is nothing that can stop love but in order to find it, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I also feel that this book is about how magic has its ups and downs and that anything can happen. 

While reading this book I had a ton of emotions throughout this book. Some of it was anger but most of it was just confusion until the ending when everything made sense. The book had an amazing ending that answered the many questions I had during the book. It was a very good read that was filled with action and romance so if you love those books, this book is perfect for you.  


  1. I like how you added in your own emotions as to how the book made you feel and what they should have done a little differently

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    1. I liked how many details were in your blog. One thing I had a question and something that I want to know more about was the characters, it wasn’t clear to me who they all were. Maybe you should try this one series called Amulet which is kind of like this. One thing I learned from your blog was how this book was really confusing until the end. This was a really good blog, good job. One thing your blog taught me was how strong love can be sometimes.

  3. You did a great job explaining the main character and the book in general. Can you explain your quote better, though it pertains to your explanation of the book you don't explain why it is important to you. I did want to know more about the confusion you had, maybe explain where most of it was and why it was confusing to you. Explain what “Hunk” means a little in terms of the book.

  4. This blog was really interesting and the book sounds really good. But it would help if you told us what confused you about the book and put a question you had has an example. The way you explained the book was really interesting, and i feel like what you think of the book is an important thing to add so the readers know what they might feel if they read the book.