Monday, May 8, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

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Everyone know the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve but Disney changed the story to help appeal to their audience. The original story starts with a very rich father who has three boys and three girls, one of which was Beauty. But one day the father lost all his fortune and had to resort to a very hardworking lifestyle. The boys were fine with the change but the two sisters of Beauty hated their new life. They wanted their golds and diamonds and the lifestyle they had but Beauty was fine with the change. She didn't wish for jewelry instead she just worked hard and barely said anything. Then, the father heard that not all his riches were lost and that some reside in a forest nearby. He packs up his bag and asks his children what they want from the riches and the children asked for jewels and money but Beauty stayed quiet. The father then asked Beauty what she desired and she insisted on nothing but she said, after many questions, I would like a rose. Then the father left to get his treasure but unfortunately didn't find it. He then took shelter at a castle that seemed to have meals prepared for him and many animals to entertain him. He then got a note saying take all the jewels you want and give them to your children. While the father was leaving he noticed a rose bush and plucked roses for Beauty. Then, the Beast stops him and tells him to give him one of his daughters as payment. The father went home and told his family of the bad news. Beauty then stepped forward and agreed to take the position and her sisters were thrilled by her decision. She left and noticed that she would most likely die when she met the beast. The beast then took care of Beauty and gave her food and every dinner would ask her to marry him. She would decline the offer and in her sleep, a handsome man would visit her and ask he to marry the beast. She then asked to leave the palace for a month and come back when time is up and the beast said that if she left for longer than a month, he would die. She then left for a month and came back one day late to find the beast in the garden presumably dead. Beauty cried and then realized that she loved the beast. At that realization, the beast got back up and was so happy to find that she loved him. Next dinner the beast asked if she would marry him and this time she responded Yes. A bright light then blinded Beauty and when she looked back the beast had turned into the prince from her dreams. 

The author wrote it back when Shakespeare was in his prime and it reflects the way it's written. There is a lot of proper English and that gives off the sense of where this is taking place and it just immerses the reader into the story. She wrote this way because it was when the time period was and it left the readers with a sense of fantasy and wonder even after you finish the book.

I was surprised on how much Disney changed the story to make it appealing to kids. There is no talking pots and pans instead statues of the people after the curse fell upon them and monkeys and birds helped as well. I really liked how it explained the prince's story better in this version because we understand why he did what he did instead of having him just be mean, to begin with. He also had no paintings in his castle which I thought were a little extra in both the movies. 

The book taught me to not judge a book by its cover and to not let any gold or silver change what you think or do. The sisters succumbed to greed by their promised goods and silver that they were unhappy most of the time while Beauty didn't want those things allowing her to be happy all the time. The beast was cursed and turned a handsome young boy into a horrible prince. When Beauty realized the lovely person underneath that disgusting face and learn to love the beast she broke the curse freeing the prince and everyone else trapped in the palace, 

I love this book because it's the original story of my second favorite Disney tale that tells the story of a girl who doesn't want to follow what people are attempting to have her follow. I like how this story doesn't follow its movie and that it's an amazing of triumph from the struggle. I would suggest this book to anyone who loves the Brothers Grimm and authors like that. It's a very dark tale from the movie but has a much happier and a lot more pleasing ending compared to the movie. I love this book and would if anyone is interested but not sure, I would definitely read it. It's amazing. 


  1. I enjoyed how in your blog you said that if it were gold or silver it would not change your opinion of that thing.

  2. I really liked how you had to summary of the original Beauty and The beast.
    I really liked in the fourth paragraph how you explained what the book taught you, you did a really nice way of doing that. What I found interesting is that the other girls except for Beauty wanted jewels and diamonds.

  3. Wow it really sounds like a good book. Though I probably wouldn’t understand it. It sounds really good. I feel like the disney version twisted it to much from the sounds of it. I was always confused on how these people are trapped inside of these inanimate objects. I was also really confused on the beast's backstory so maybe I will read this book to figure out what it was. One question I have is how did statues fall from the sky? I really liked how you said that you will learn from this book on like if there's riches maybe you shouldn’t take them and if there opportunities for the best take them. All in all you did a really good job and I enjoyed reading it.

  4. I really like how you kept comparing it to the Disney movie. Doing this helped me see how different the book is. You used really nice words to describe the story. The live action Beauty and The Beast goes into why the beast did what he did and i feel like they looked at original stories for the new one. I now want to read this book to see the differences myself.